Best 4K TV Review

Welcome to our Best 4k TV Review where we have the best 4K TV’s available for the European and especially the UK market.

We have reviewed many of the best 4K TV’s available and have added a fully detailed product review of some of these 4K Televisions.
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The best 4KTV reviews include the following 4KTV’s.

From LG Electronics we recommend our # 2 choice of LG 2016 Televisions.



The LG UH77 Super HD TV 5* 4KTV which is a mid-range Ultra HD 4K LED TV. The 4KTV includes full range of sizes 40″ to 79″. You can read a Full Review of this great TV by following this link Click Here it is a Big TV range of televisions for 2016.


The very best 4KTV for 2016 is the


LG Electronics B6 which is an OLED, yes, that’s right. The B6 has incredible deep pitch blacks and really the best looking colours you have seen in terms of brilliance, depth, saturation, and contrast. There is just something, “out of this world” about the colours on an OLED TV. Click Here to review this fantastic curved LG B6 4K UHD OLED TV.



From Panasonic this 4KTV, we are going to give you a full overview of the Panasonic TX-65CX802B 4KTV which is a 2015 4KTV 5* TV. The TX-65CX802 is, finally, the LCD TV that Panasonic believe has what it takes to become natural successor to much-missed plasma TV’s.               Take a look by clicking here


Panasonic-TX49DX600B-1Also from Panasonic we can recommended the smaller 48 inch 4K TV. This 4ktv is very popular in the UK as the British seem reluctant to go the whole way with large 4KTV’s. The Panasonic TX-48CX400B which is a cheaper 4KTV as its smaller has now been superceded by the 2016 TX-49DX600B.
Read the Full Review of this new 4KTV just by Clicking Here .

Again from LG Electronics we recommended as our choice of

Samsung KS8000
Samsung KS8000

The LG KS8000 is a great 4KTV which LG says enjoys a more vivid experience than ever before. It’s a flat screen TV which boasts highest levels of colour and clarity. You can read a Full review just Click Here.



From SONY we have recommended the Sony KD-49X8305Csony-kd-49x8305c-300x267
which is a very popular 4KTV especially known for it’s sound and picture quality. The power of this television is delivered through the 4K processor X1. This X1 analyses all signals received to the TV set and optimizes the image. All to deliver the very best possible picture performance in 4K UHD, you can Click Here to read a Full review of the Sony KD-49X8305C.

To read other technical and detailed information about what makes a 4K TV please click to see what is 4K TV.